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HelpReader for PocketPC

This program allows the user to view Microsoft Help Files (CHM & HXS) file on your Pocket PC Device (Running .NET CF V2.0 and above). This means where ever you are, you can read MSDN Magazine, or check the APIs for C# etc.

It has the following features:-
  • Contents Tree
  • Index List (With Also See)
  • Search
  • Handles Multiple Help Files (Container Help files for book shelves)
  • Custom Open File dialog box, so Help files can be stored any where on your device
  • Only extracts the files needed for each page being displayed
  • Will open large Help files (> 6Mb)
  • Option to save internal data for each Help file to speed up loading of the file in future.


If you use this program, please email me, just so that I know.

New Features

If there is a feature missing, please feel free to contact me and ask to join this project, and get coding.

More Details

Details are here.

Screen Shots

ScreenShots are here.

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